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Our Move for Hunger

move for hunger

ASAP Movers joined Move For Hunger in August of 2017. We were referred to Move For Hunger by our friend Jeanette at Lambert Transfer in Lemoore. Since joining Move for Hunger, we’ve been able to help feed 1,360 people.

In the 9 years, Move for Hunger has been operating, they have collected and donated over 7 million pounds of food.

Move for Hunger is a nonprofit that influences movers to collect nonperishable food donations from their clients and donate those items to their local food bank.

packing boxesWhat’s one thing people commonly do when they move out of their house? They clean out their kitchen. As people are moving and empty out their pantry, there is a lot of food that people want to get rid of that is still good to eat.

Instead of letting that food go to waste, why not make sure that this food is good to good use and make a donation to the Food Bank Coalition of San Luis Obispo County?

We’ve met many wonderful people in the San Luis Obispo community during this process. It has been so humbling to see our community come together to help our local community. We were just the hands guiding the ship, so thank you.

Through Move for Hunger, we’ve created some great connections with our local food bank. We were able to work with the SLO Food Bank as well as other local businesses to help our efforts. First, Trader Joe’s! Thank you for giving us the space to park our truck, take over the front of your store and collect donations. A huge shout out to Tom our friend at GenoaGraphix! He was the mastermind behind the amazing signs we hang from the back of our out truck. Also, we’d like to thank Broad St. Smiles for helping us to collect food donations!
We are working towards our next event so keep your eyes peeled around May!