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  1. Last week we moved from SLO to Napa, CA. My experience was very similar to Jordan W’s below so I won’t repeat everything he wrote — see his review dated 5/27/12.

    Kasey visited our home and provided a thorough quote very expeditiously. Although priced very reasonably compared to their competition, we decided reduce the cost further by packing and moving our large number of books and common items ourselves in a rental truck and leave the furniture, artwork, china, and other large/difficult items for ASAP to move. Kasey was more than willing to return and provide a revised quote that reduced our cost by 30%.

    Two days before the move Jerry — a master packer — arrived and packed the china and other items in a couple hours. He was very conscientious and careful, polite, and courteous.

    On moving day, ASAP arrived exactly on time and swarmed us with about six loaders, including Jerry and the move supervisor, Kyle. Normally having that many people involved can cause problems with miscommunication and lack of supervision, but this team worked very well together — efficient, courteous, and effective in loading the trucks and taking care of our belongings. Jerry supervised dismantling of beds and desks, placing artwork in large crate with slots rather than packing in boxes (a brilliant idea), etc. while Kyle calmly supervised loading the two trucks. It went like clockwork with a final walk-through to make sure nothing was missed. It was a HOT day in August, but everyone kept a great attitude and the crew was clean, groomed, and courteous.

    The next day the two trucks arrived exactly on time at our new residence in Napa with two guys from a local moving company to help unload. The unload went very well and everyone was responsive to placing the items where we asked and reassembled the beds and desks efficiently. Also, they were conscientious in protecting walls and floors from damage in both on-load in SLO and off-load in Napa.

    NOTE: It quickly became apparent that some of our furniture would have to join our boxes of books in a storage unit a couple miles away. I discussed the situation with Kyle and then called Kasey in SLO to see what could be worked out. The fifth star in this review was earned by Kasey’s commitment to making our move the best one possible and he approved having these furniture items dropped off at the storage unit after the off-load was complete at the house. Of note, the two drivers, Kyle and Josh, were fully supportive and helpful as well. Amid the stress of moving, this was a huge relief for my wife and I — we greatly appreciated ASAP’s flexibility and commitment to customer service. As a career military family who have moved many, many times that is not usually the case, and we judged this move to be the best one we’ve ever had.

    I strongly recommend ASAP for any move you are planning.

  2. This letter is in reference to our move from San Luis Obispo to Seal Beach. As you recall, Candace and I were in a world of hurt September 23, 2013 when we arrive in SLO only to find that our Moving Company had defaulted on the scheduled move date of September 24th, 2013. As a matter of fact, the contracted mover totally abandoned us without explanation or any communication whatsoever.

    You and your company came to our rescue. You immediately surveyed the situation, provided a competitive price and arranged for a pickup of our furniture the very next day. Not only did you manage the situation professionally you assigned two of the most capable and thoughtful individuals imaginable; Jerry and Chris.

    Both Jerry and Chris were extraordinary workers. They both demonstrated an attitude that illustrated professionalism, care of our property and a willingness to go the extra mile. From our viewpoint both men are an extreme asset to you and your company. Jerry, in particular, should be selected to train all you new hires in the art of managing loading/unloading valuable furniture, artwork and glassware. Both men are truly outstanding.

    Thank you again for your “rescue” services. You may be sure that both Candace and I will gladly recommend you and your company, should the question of what moving company would we recommend arise. Additionally, whenever we undertake another move, ASAP will be our moving option.

  3. This was great, the first time ever I dealt with a moving company that wasn’t a disaster. The men showed up on time and worked fast. I am so happy with ASAP and will definitely recommend them to everyone.

  4. The crew was professional, helpful, and willing to do “extra” work when asked to re-position furniture. Despite the large and awkward furniture, the crew took extra care to protect the doors and floors. The communication in advance helped us prep so that when the crew arrived they were able to empty the entire office in two hours. The moving crew was informative, courteous and efficient. Highly recommend for any moving job, especially an office move! Great work, excellent service, amazing efficiency … job well done!

  5. Nothing to improve on. The service was perfect from start to finish. We will recommend them to anyone.

  6. My move was much more challenging than anticipated, with many stairs on both ends, extremely tight corners to negotiate large furniture through and much heavy lifting. Travis and Gary were patient, polite, positive, skilled, fast, strong, hardworking and absolutely relentless. Travis and Gary were my superheroes. Thank you all so much!

  7. It was a positive experience. Kevin and Chris the two primary mover were professional and the delivery of service exceeded my expectations.

  8. This was the most well run team I have ever employed. Sr., Josh and the boys are like family when they are handling your things. Funny, polite, smart and efficient. Also very courteous. ASAP movers is run as a top notch business. Kasey and Kyle are GREAT business leaders. Thank you for everything, especially getting ALL our possessions and POTS here safe and sound.

  9. Great guys with great attitudes!!! As a business owner, we certainly appreciated their temperament!!!

  10. I can’t honestly think of anything to improve on – ASAP Movers were absolutely wonderful in all aspects – your phone connections, Kasey and Kyle were very calming, informative, and patient. The moving crew were gentle, thorough and compassionate as well as professional and competent. Your company GETS IT! Moving is stressful under the best of circumstances and you were all so very efficient and perfectly organized it made everything go so smoothly. I cannot say enough good comments about you.

  11. Our crew was fantastic! They were on time and worked hard in the heat! We traveled 1650 miles and when we unpacked there was not one item broken or damaged. Their experience in loading the truck properly made a huge difference. Thank you!

  12. I found the service to be impeccable. Will and Gary were beyond outstanding. They took the time to call before leaving the shop to make sure no other materials were needed, they showed on time, and were extremely professional. On top of all that, they were a joy to be around. They took pride in their work and it showed. I will be using your service again as well as recommending it to all. Thanks again for a quality move!

  13. We recently used ASAP Movers for a long distance move from the Central Coast to Northern California. We got several quotes from different local companies, all of them were out of our budget. After looking over different moving company websites we decided that the service provided by ASAP Movers seemed to be as good as any of the others.

    Kasey Fox came to our home to give us an accurate estimate based on the amount of stuff we had. I felt that he was very personable and professional, getting as much information as possible about our needs. The quote he gave us not only fit our budget but included the same services other companies provided. The morning of our move the crew arrived on-time and immediately got to loading the truck. The guys worked very diligently and efficiently. Within 4 hours they had packed up everything from our house and garage. They even provided wardrobe boxes for our hanging clothes in the closets and big crates for our TV and framed artwork. The 2 guys were very nice and really seemed to care about handling our belongings with care, especially the boxes we marked FRAGILE. The following morning, the truck arrived at our new home a few minutes earlier than expected. Again, the crew worked fast and had all of our furniture and boxes unloaded and set up in our new house after just 2 hours. Overall if you are considering a move to or from the Central Coast I definitely recommend using ASAP Movers.

  14. When I was planning my move from Los Osos to Pasadena, I got three quotes from movers. The big-name local company I contacted quoted me twice as much as ASAP movers. I also got a quote from a one-man operation that was half the price, but felt unreliable. I decided to go with ASAP movers because of their professionalism and their cost-efficiency.

    The moving experience was as smooth as it goes. I had outlined ahead of time that I needed to move both a storage unit and my apartment. This meant loading the storage unit first, loading the apartment, and then unloading at the new storage unit in Pasadena, and then unloading at the new apartment. It all went off without a hitch. Both they and I were fully prepared to transport the boxes and furniture and it was great! I especially loved that I didn’t have to pack up the things in my furniture – they just wrapped them up in plastic wrap and moved them for me as is.

    I would highly recommend ASAP Movers to anyone looking for a moving service. They are quick, efficient, and professional in all of their business dealings.

  15. Kasey just moved us from our home in Osos to MB. His guys were 15 minutes early, polite, professional and managed to get our crazy piano down a scary staircase without a scratch. They carefully wrapped all our things and all for under 500.00. I am over the moon about them and will recommend asap to anyone who asks.

  16. Good quality movers. Very hard-working and friendly. Quality service with an eye for being careful. Willing to go the extra mile. On-time. Reasonable price. I also appreciate that many of their employees are Christian. That explains their desire to do a good job. Highly recommend them

  17. SIMPLY MAGNIFICENT!!!! I have used professional moving companies many times over my long life, but have never been cared for so very well, The moving men were gentlemen and cared about each piece of our furniture as if it was their very own! No damages, nicks, or concerns of any kind. They waited patiently while I decided where each piece would go in the living and bedroom. Just magnificent! This company is professional, extremely affordable, and offers peace of mind. I will use ASAP again for the next move. Thank you ASAP owner and staff…we appreciate you and all the hard work!

  18. ASAP Movers is the most conscientious and professional moving company we have ever used. In fact, we have now used them for four or five moves, and will continue to use them any time we move in the future. They have always been careful with our stuff, honored their quotes, and even provided us with suggestions on what we could do to save time and money by getting things ready before hand. Very much appreciated!

  19. My family of four just moved from Pismo Beach to Clovis, CA. I have heard nothing but horror story about moving companies. I had my husband call Kasey more than a few times to make sure what was quoted was really what was quoted. That there wasn’t going to be any sudden changes at the other end. ” A Cash Only Deal” etc. I still was expecting for them to say they under quoted but they didn’t. I also had my husband call Kasey to hear his side of the story on the other reviews.
    Four guys arrived early and were very professional and personable. We bought breakfast for everyone and even offered to take them all out to dinner on the other end. This moving experience with THIS company changed my opinion on moving companies, you just have to use these guys period! We only had one thing break and it was something my husband packed! Hire these guys from this company and you will be very satisfied. They made a very stressful situation so much easier.

  20. If you want someone who calls when they say that they are going to, shows up exactly at the time that they say and do a careful, professional job, these are your guys. They were absolutely the best! I was moving some antique furniture that required the utmost care and they were absolutely the greatest. They came on very little notice and the utmost in dependable. I can’t recommend them enough!

  21. Moving isn’t something I do very often but the ASAP crew made it easy and very low stress. Kasey provided me with a reasonable quote, Jerry and assistants arrived exactly on time, had everything loaded and on its way quickly. All of the crew were courteous and knew their job well. All packages arrive on time the next morning at my Santa Rosa, CA home. Everything was in good shape and work accomplished as I wanted it completed. They made the move work well for me and my household goods.

    Thanks for a great job. I recommend ASAP for anyone considering a move to or from the central coast area These are the guys to help with your move. Excellent work!


    I am not an easy person to impress.  I must say that I am impressed by your team that moved my things out of my home in Paso Robles to Oceanside.  David is an excellent coach and leader. Kyle is the constant, efficient worker. Together these two set the tone for the rest of the team that joined in to make my move, their move.  Their ability to think outside of the box and make my needs and wishes happen is what sets them apart from any other company.  If you ever need someone to refer your company…I am more than happy to do that.  Thank you Kyle and David for finding a most unusual solution for moving my refrigerator into my very challenging kitchen. That was just one of the many ways these men made my move so easy. Where others would just do the obvious and tell me it was not possible, these men said, how can we make this happen…and did it. These men cared about this move as if it was their own family they were moving. Other companies move you as if you are a customer. They are a wonderful asset to your company. They are a proud extension of you and why I chose using your company. Thank you.

    Maria Eskandanian 

    P.S. Kyle, thank you for remembering not to leave my huge rock behind.  David and Kyle you will be proud to know I have no nicks on my furniture and my refrigerator is so grateful.


  23. This crew was marvelous, polite, efficient when I moved from Grover Beach to Pacifica, Ca.
    My furniture and all belongings were stored in San Luis Obispo until I was ready to accept
    then in my updated home in Pacifica. All was handled in a most professional fashion. I would
    recommend this company to anyone who wants the work well done. Thanks.

  24. Best moving experience I’ve ever had, and I have moved all over the country. Last week Brandon and Chris helped me move to a better apartment in San Luis Obispo, and they were absolutely wonderful. They were on time, professional, friendly and considerate, and both had a very positive attitude. Most importantly, they carefully wrapped my furniture in blankets and strapped each piece to the side of the truck, so nothing was damaged. I am grateful that all of my precious artwork and antiques are still perfect. Thank you so much, Brandon and Chris!

    I also have to give a special shout out to Samantha for answering all of my questions on the phone, getting my move on the schedule, and planning the entire moving process. Thanks again, Samantha, for your patience and expertise. I’m happy to report that everything went great!

    I’m so glad that I chose ASAP Movers, and I’m recommending them to everyone I know because they are experts that you can trust.

  25. Graham and Vinnie were fabulous. They arrived early and quickly unpacked my Wayfair order. They were polite and even a little funny. They placed my furniture exactly where I wanted. They made sure I was satisfied. I highly recommend this service

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