5 Things You Should Know Before Moving to San Luis Obispo

If you’re thinking about moving to San Luis Obispo, these 10 things to know will help you better understand why Oprah named “SLO” one of the happiest cities in America. We all know that location is key when choosing a new place to call home, and take it from a local, San Luis Obispo has it all. With a moderate climate, gorgeous atmosphere, amazing wineries, and perfect beaches our hometown is a dream, and we are one of the lucky ones who gets to live here. So, what makes San Luis Obispo such a happy place to live? Read on and let us be the first to welcome you to San Luis Obispo.

1. The Outdoors
“When it comes to location, you can’t get much better than SLO’s little slice of the earth. Nestled among rolling hills, vineyards, forests, and mountains — just miles from scenic beaches and coastline — this city gets the best of California’s breathtaking landscapes. Living an active lifestyle here is easy, with endless outdoor activities, from hiking up Cerro San Luis Mountain to enjoy sweeping views to relaxing on nearby Pismo Beach or kayaking the beautiful Morro Bay. The sunny and mild Mediterranean climate allows you to get outside all year long.” – Livability.com, article: “Is This California Town the Happiest Place in America?”
2. The Weather
One of the reasons Sunset Magazine named San Luis Obispo one of the top dream towns in the West is our climate. They went on to say, “Well, let’s see, how do you describe a place that’s as ideal for people as it is for wine grapes? Where the annual average monthly highs range all the way from 62° to 74°? Oh, that’s right: Perfect.”
We couldn’t have said it better. What makes our climate so moderate is our proximity to the Pacific Ocean, and the Santa Lucia Highlands Mountain Range that wraps around the town allowing for not only excellent hiking, but also protecting us from hot summer temperatures that our neighboring cities receive.
3. The SLO-er Lifestyle
SLO isn’t just an acronym, it’s our way of life, and we believe “life’s too beautiful to rush,”.
You take your time here. You can’t even rush through a drive-thru because we don’t have them! Livability.com accredited that our relaxed pace of life as, “…one of the biggest reasons people are drawn to the area…But while it’s certainly less stressful than LA or SF, it’s not dull — from organic eats to world-class wine, SLO residents enjoy the pleasures of life.”
4. The WINE
What do the locals do for fun on the weekends? We wine taste. With over 30 wineries within the city limits and over 500 wineries within the County, San Luis Obispo is one of the best places to live for wine lovers. San Luis Obispo’s proximity to the cold Pacific Coast produces excellent Pinot Noirs and Chardonnays in the Edna Valley AVA, which such names as Edna Valley Vineyard, Chamisal Vineyard, and Biddle Ranch Vineyard. Just over 25 minutes north of town is the cowboy town of Paso Robles where most of the local wineries reside. Paso Robles has a much warmer climate, so they produce heavier reds such as Cabernet Sauvignon, Zinfandel, Petit Sirah, and Syrah. With so many amazing wineries to choose from, it will take you years to visit them so get started as soon as you can!

5. Downtown Farmer’s Markets
Every Thursday night SLO’s down-town turns into a huge farmers market with local growers, retailers, food, music, and entertainment filling the streets. It has now become a world renowned market, and in an article published by the popular nutrition website “Eat This, Not That!”, the Downtown SLO Farmers’ Market was named the best farmers’ market in California in 2021.