How to pack your desk for moving

1. Pressboard or IKEA style desks are not very sturdy, you should completely empty them before moving. Many desks will have to be tilted or turned on their side to be moved.

2. All files should be packed in a small box in the order you had them filed. Label each box by what drawer they came from.

3. Use a Ziplock bag to consolidate small items like pens, paperclips, and other accessories. This will keep those items organized so they are not loose in a box.

4. Take pictures of your computer set up so you can refer to them when reconnecting cables.

5. If you can, it’s a good idea to keep the original box for monitors and computers. They are usually awkward to pack in a standard box.

6. Clearly mark boxes with fragile contents, especially electronics.

7. If you have a file cabinet that locks, make sure you know exactly where the key is. Mark the box that they are packed in “keys inside”.

8. You do not need to tape drawers shut, the movers will plastic wrap drawers. Tape will damage any finished wood.

9. Typically, the movers will dis/reassemble desks. If you do the disassembly yourself, make sure to bag and clearly mark all hardware.

10. Make sure to put aside anything you will need to use while your desk is not available.