What to remember when moving into a new home

Congratulations! You are officially moving to a new home and beginning a new chapter of life. The next steps might be starting to give you some anxiety with the thought of packing your whole house, or even worse unpacking it. As your local Professional Movers, we hope to make this process easier for you, and hopefully with our tips below we will be able to save you time, money, and headaches. We’ve put together this quick list of the most important things that you need to remember moving into a new home.

1. Do a complete walkthrough of your new home.
Whether your leasing, or buying its always important to inspect the entire home before moving any furniture in. There’s no better time to look around than when it’s completely empty.
Here are some things to check for:
• Look for any repairs that were promised before moving in, or any repairs still needed
• If you purchased the home, ensure all items that were included in the sale are there
• Double check that everything is in working order: Test out the outlets, light switches, fixtures, sinks, garbage disposal, toilets, showers, windows, doors, and locks.
• Make sure you have access to warranties and maintenance guides
• The house is clean and free of dirt, and pests (double check under the sinks, and in cabinets)
If you happen to find any issues, call your realtor immediately to see what action you can take. Hopefully, any issue found was covered in your contract.

2. Draw a floor plan, or your “Plan of Attack”
While your new home is still empty take measures and draw out a game plan of where the furniture will go. Double check all your furniture to fit in its anticipated place. Your Movers will be so grateful if you created a floorplan or “Plan of Attack” for them in advance to help with the moving process, especially with the placement of the larger items.

3. Set up Utilities or transfer services
As soon as you have an official move date make sure to set up all utilities or transfer any services to your new address. You don’t want to spend your first few nights in the dark so be sure to do this in advance. Check your local city’s website for a list of utilities providers in your area. Utilities you might need in your new home are electricity, gas, water, heating, cooling, phone, and internet. Once these items are set up, find your local waste management company to set up your home for garbage pickup.

4. Moving with small children? Set up their bed or Crib first thing.
Ensure the movers are aware that you would like your children’s bed to set up first thing. That way it’s one less thing you need worry about at the end of a very busy moving day.
Also, it doesn’t hurt to baby proof, or pet proof the items you can before moving in such as:
• Covering the power-outlets
• Baby proofing cabinets
• Ensuring your baby gates are all accessible during your move
• Double check fences, or gates to make sure they lock, or that there. are no gaps, or missing panels.

5. Fill out a “Change of Address” form with US Postal Service and don’t forget to visit the DMV to update your license.
It goes without saying that you will need to update your bank, and other service providers with your new address, but